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Experience Anxiety-Free Dental Visits

It is not uncommon for patients to be apprehensive about visiting the dentist. But if you experience more severe forms of dental anxiety, it can be difficult to maintain regular visits to our office. Our team understands that dental anxiety or fear can keep you from receiving the dental care you need, and we offer multiple Milford sedation dentistry solutions to ensure maximum comfort for our Milford, MA patients. If you have even mild dental anxiety, we invite you to our office to experience the difference sedation dentistry can make! In addition to helping you relax, sedation dentistry gives us the opportunity to provide the care your smile needs to be functional, healthy, and beautiful.

dr kevin guze Milford MA

“Sedation helps patients overcome their fears”

Kevin Guze DMD

We’re Here to Help You Feel Relaxed

Our multi-specialty team includes experienced periodontists and dentists, led by our board-certified periodontist, Dr. Kevin Guze. Combined, they bring decades of experience helping anxious patients feel comfortable and receive the dental care they need. Well-versed in all types of dental anxiety, we work with you on an individual level to provide personalized sedation dentistry solutions and help you overcome your fears. Many of our patients find that, with assistance from our friendly team, relaxing environment, and custom sedation, they are able to reduce or eliminate their dental anxiety and feel confident and stress-free as they continue care with us!

Oral Sedation

patient taking oral sedation
Patients with mild to moderate levels of anxiety take oral sedation as a pill a few hours before the appointment. Oral sedation puts you in a relaxed, sleepy state to relieve feelings of anxiety or stress.

IV Conscious Sedation

iv conscious sedation
We provide IV sedation at our Wilmington, MA office for patients who want to “sleep” through their appointments. The highest form of conscious sedation, IV sedation provides maximum levels of pain and anxiety control.

Local Anesthesia

local anesthesia
We use local anesthetic to numb the area of the mouth that will receive treatment. We often combine this option with other forms of sedation to ensure a relaxing and comfortable appointment.

The Importance of Great Oral Health

The primary benefit of sedation dentistry is helping fearful or anxiety patients get the dental care they need. Just as poor oral health can have significant long-term consequences, so does great oral health provide life-long benefits. A healthy mouth free from decay and disease looks attractive and functions correctly. But it also ensures you are able to eat a wide variety of healthy foods, boosts your confidence, and helps improve your overall health. By getting assistance for your dental anxiety, and the dental care you need, you are keeping your whole body healthy!

The Benefits of a Healthy Mouth

  • Reduced risk of systemic health issues
  • Prevent tooth decay
  • Reduce gum disease risk
  • Boost self-confidence
  • Freshen breath

Take charge of your oral health today!

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