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Dr. Carolyn Schweitzer

Dr. Carolyn Schweitzer

Dr. Carolyn Schweitzer has been practicing general dentistry for over 30 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team at Milford Family Dental. She is a graduate of both Cornell University and the New York State University School of Dentistry, and completed her residency training in New York in 1985 before relocating to Massachusetts.

In her pursuit of excellence, Dr. Schweitzer has studied under a variety world-renowned experts in the dental field. She is continually updating her knowledge and skills to be able to provide the latest and best dentistry has to offer. With extensive training in esthetic dentistry, Dr. Carolyn has the ability to transform your smile. She brings remarkable artistic talent to her professional and her private life.

While she takes pride in her ability to ease anxiety, listen to her patient’s concerns, and make each dental visit as comfortable as possible, the doctor also has a musical side and is known to help her patients relax by singing while she works. (Dr. Carolyn has often been referred to as “the singing dentist”). When not seeing patients, the good doctor can be found on her karaoke app., doing creative projects around the house, hanging out at the gym, or relaxing with her husband and young son.

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