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Comprehensive, In-House Tooth Replacement

Nothing can fully compare to natural, healthy teeth, but dental implants come very close. Made from life-like, biocompatible materials, Milford Dental Implants replace not only the visible part of the tooth (the crown), but the tooth root as well, making them the only permanent tooth replacement in dentistry. Our Milford, MA office is equipped to provide this high standard in tooth replacement. From your first consultation to your final restorative appointments, your care is completed by our experienced team of periodontists and dentists. Conveniently in our modern office, you can permanently replace one, several, or all your missing teeth with our comprehensive dental implant solutions!

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“We have the ability to make dental implant treatment look completely natural”

Kevin Guze DMD

Your Answer to Any Number of Missing Teeth

Dental implants can permanently replace any number of missing teeth! Even if most or all of your teeth are failing or missing, we have the technology and expertise to replace a full arch of teeth. Unlike other tooth replacement options, dental implants provide benefits in three key areas: health, aesthetics, and function. As their structure mimics that of natural teeth, so do the advantages of dental implants, helping you achieve a higher quality of life and a return to comfort, health, and confidence. With the proper care, dental implants can last your lifetime! Dental implants provide many amazing benefits, including:

  • Oral Health

    Implants help keep remaining teeth stable and strong, along with providing the proper stimulation to the jaw bone. They allow for a more varied diet so that you can receive proper nutrition and maintain oral and overall health.

  • Dental Function

    Implants securely placed in the jaw bone do not loosen, wiggle, or fall out when you are eating, talking, or laughing. Implants that replace missing teeth restore a complete bite and the ability to comfortably eat a wide variety of foods.

  • Natural Aesthetics

    Implants are restored with lifelike dental crowns, bridges, or full-arch prosthetics. These artificial teeth match the translucency, shape, and contours of natural teeth for a highly aesthetic smile.

Technology-Driven Implant Care

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Dental Implant Procedure

All our comprehensive implant care is backed by state-of-the-art technology. From your first consultation, we use such technology as digital x-rays to capture highly accurate images of your teeth and bone. Before your surgery, we construct custom implant guides that we use during your surgery to ensure your dental implants are placed in the best position in your jaw bone. For single tooth replacement, we can fabricate highly custom dental crowns in the convenience of our office using our E4D system that can be ready the same day as your surgery. No matter how many teeth you are missing, our experienced implant team is here to provide high-quality care and long-lasting results!

The Proof is in Our Patients

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