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Milford Family Dental is pleased to provide teeth whitening. We understand that a majority of our patients are busy professionals or have families that make it difficult to keep up with routine appointments with the dentist. With our services focused on you, we are accommodating to your schedule and make it easy to keep your dentist appointments with us. Do you need teeth whitening or want to improve the appearance of your smile? Is your child ready for their first dental visit or needs a sportsguard for school activities? Our expertise in a wide range of dental services makes it easy for you and your family receive high-quality care in the most convenient way possible.

Milford teeth whitening, gum disease treatment should be separated as they are very different distinct treatments.

As a family-owned healthcare service provider, Milford gum disease treatment offers a plethora of dental treatments to meet all your dental care needs. Right from addressing cosmetic issues like teeth whitening to gum planting Milford gum disease treatment caters to the dental health of the entire family. We are ready to serve our clients with promising same day services. Our tailored dental care appointment schedules fit perfectly in your busy schedules.

Experienced in Comprehensive Dentistry

With a team of both periodontists and dentists led by our board-certified periodontist, Dr. Kevin Guze, we are equipped to provide comprehensive dental solutions at our Milford, MA practice. Combining this expertise with advanced dental technology and a welcoming office environment, we establish our practice as the go-to place for individuals and families to receive all-inclusive dental care!

Teeth Whitening, Gum Disease Treatment and Other Additional Services

  • Teeth Grinding/ Bruxism

    Dr Guze Gives a Patient General Dentistry Treatment
    Custom-fit nightguards that protect teeth from touching or grinding while you sleep and help the jaw realign into proper position and allow muscles to relax.
  • Composite Fillings

    composite fillings model
    Aesthetic, tooth-colored dental fillings that restore the natural contours of the tooth and protect damaged areas after cavity treatment.
  • Bonding/

    dental resin mix used for bonding and contouring
    Creating an aesthetically shaped and colored tooth by adding resin material or removing small portions of tooth enamel.
  • Teeth

    patient receiving teeth whitening treatment
    ZOOM! professional whitening brightens teeth up to four shades lighter in as little as one hour, with less tooth and gum sensitivity and long-lasting results.
  • BOTOX® Injections

    patient undergoing botox treatment
    Lessening the severity of fine lines and wrinkles in the face by injecting a medication below the surface of the skin which causes temporary muscle relaxation.
  • Periodontal

    patient undergoing periodontal maintenance
    Routine deep cleanings after comprehensive gum disease treatment to ensure no bacteria and tartar accumulate or cause inflammation to return.
  • Osseous

    dental osseous surgery being performed on patient
    Surgical removal of gum tissue affected by gum disease, elimination of bacteria and tartar from beneath the gum line, and reshaping of damaged bone.
  • Scaling and
    Root Planing

    dental patient getting scaling and root planing treatment
    A “deep clean” of the teeth above and below the gum line as the first line of defense against gum disease.
  • Gum Grafting

    Taking a portion of gum tissue from the palate or a donor source and placing it over exposed tooth roots (gum recession) to reduce sensitivity.
  • Emergency

    patient in need of emergency dentistry
    Same-day services for a variety of dental emergencies, including knocked-out teeth, cracked or fractured teeth, or broken or lost restorations.
  • Sports Guards

    sport guards model
    Custom mouthpieces fitted snuggly over the teeth, protecting them during high-impact activities and contact sports.

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